18 Apr 2012

Tips for negotiating the best new car rebate

Tips for negotiating the best new car rebate:

  • Buy the car in winter: lower demand, the dealers are happy about every single customer (the best one negotiated just before Christmas). Particularly favorable vehicles are registered for the day.
  • Depending on the state and region are the prices for new cars are very variable: sometimes it is best to look on the internet and can create a free quote, or get newspapers from different cities and compares prices.
  • Change of vehicle brand: Of course, the Ford dealer says if he wins an Opel driver as a new customer, and is possibly in his kindness a little more accommodating.
  • If you know what you want can negotiate better. Compare the same type of vehicle with or without special equipment. Often the retailer on the optional extras difference offers a higher percentage discount to the total price of the automobile.
  • Look good to talk with the dealer before the sale, the more your desire model cars there are on the farm, the farther you, the seller is probably in your price range to come against, to be ready.
  • Start searching the Internet in addition to the calm in the run a price comparison, either in writing to various car dealers and get a fixed time to make a written offer. Put as much detail as possible is what equipment to have the new car and do not forget to mention that you have already caught up with more offers, but the current dealer seems appropriate because of its location. 
  • Do not mention the price. The dealer will of course want to undercut the price and gets into a tight spot. This trick works very well written because there is no customer loyalty.

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